1 How can I watch the videos?

Electro diction will make sure that you have the best experience with our online video tutorials. Therefore, we have a subscription based plan, where you can get unlimited access to watch all videos during the subscription period once you make the payment.

2 Can I buy these videos or download them?

No, you will not be allowed to download these videos. However, we maintain a provision wherein you can watch all our videos, infinitely, during the subscription period. You can subscribe to our videos for a period of 1, 3 or 6 months depending on your requirement.

3 How can I see them again?

Wish to view the videos even after the subscription is over? Well, we can be of help! You can simply subscribe for the same video again. Just follow the same procedure for subscription and you will have your video available within 10 minutes.

4 Where do I clear my doubts?

Experts are available round the clock to assist you in any way possible. Feel free to ask your queries and develop an interactive session to promote clear thinking and transparency in electronic concepts. You will definitely enjoy as well as benefit from the interaction!

5 Is there any plan for lifetime membership?

When you register with us, we preserve your account for lifetime period, unless you request us to delete the same. During this tenure you can continue to subscribe to our videos from time to time as per your requirements and continue to learn and develop.

6 I do not own a Credit/ Debit card, how can I pay?

There may be situations where youngsters would like to avail this facility. For them, they can ask their parents to make the payment through their Credit/ Debit card.

7 Who are making these videos?

These videos are being made by Electronics and Communication Professors and academicians with intent to impart quality education among enthusiasts from all corners of the world. Since it is not possible for them to go and deliver lectures and demonstrations physically, they came up with the idea of using internet as a means to reach maximum number of people.

8 What happens if I accidentally make a subscription during my existing subscription period?

You need not worry! If you accidentally happen to do so, you become eligible for a second subscription phase and such a subscription will begin after the expiry of the existing membership period.

9 Can I cancel my subscription before its expiry? Am I eligible for a refund?

Unfortunately, as of now, there is no option for cancelling a subscription and hence, no provision for a refund.

10 How do I know about the latest videos being uploaded on the website?

Electrodiction maintains a smooth communication system with its subscribers through newsletters. Irrespective of whether you are connected to your Electrodiction account or not, we will send you a newsletter to your primary e-mail address where you will be informed about the latest video arrivals on our website.

11 I don't remember my ID and/or Password with Electrodiction?

No worries, help is at hand. Just click on the 'forgot password' section which is placed just below the 'Log In' section. Furnish your given e-mail address and we will help you retrieve your password.

12 Can I use these videos for my organization?

All the videos which are available in Electrodiction have exclusive copyrights. These materials are crafted to impart education to those interested to learn only. Any unpermitted use by means of copying or downloading is punishable under the existing law. Therefore, it is suggested that people do not try to replicate or leak these videos to derive personal monetary gains from them.

13 The video is not running on my account?

At times there can be certain problems where the video section may not work. In such circumstances, we shall be working at lightning speed to restore the facility for you. We would really appreciate it if you would point it out to us at [email protected]

14How can I get the latest updates in my area of interest?

We are sure that you have also noticed our "Blog" section on the website. The section will offer hot discussion from the experts along with their personal opinion on the technology. Make sure you hit the CTRL + D on that page and stay aware of all the latest updates in the realm of Electronics and Communication.

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