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Electrodiction is thankful to all the visitors and subscribers who have displayed their confidence in the efforts of Electrodiction. Selecting us will provide the subscribers with an opportunity to learn and develop in the realm of electronics through video tutorials. The whole program is based towards giving you true value for your money.

When you are making a transaction with Electrodiction, we would consider that you have gone through our Terms & Condition section and would be abiding the same. Some of the sections have been clearly specified here and would help you to get understand our mode of operation better.

Additionally, a support channel is also present to answer your queries at the earliest possible instance.


When you are adding certain videos to your own account at Electrodiction, you will be required to make a payment. At this point of time we will assume that you have gone through our terms and condition section and have a valid mode of payment. The mode of payment will include use of Credit card/ Debit Card/ PayPal/ any other specified means as permitted by the website. Irrespective of the mode of payment authorization should definitely come from the subscriber's side. Failure in such respect will result in an act of fraud and therefore, would attract legal provisions.

Moreover, the account of the subscribers will be activated only when the payment has been successfully received by Electrodiction. Under any circumstances, if the transaction fails to meet its obligations then the management authority reserves exclusive rights to withdraw the account activation procedure.

Use of Video

Electrodiction has been crafted with intent to restrict transferability of videos from the host website. Subscribers are free to watch their subscribed videos but only on the website itself. We expect our subscribers:

  • NOT TO try and download the video from the website through use of software or any other means.
  • NOT TO re-sale the videos to any other third party.
  • TO view the video for as many time as wished within the given subscription period.
  • TO clear any doubt from our experts.
  • TO watch, learn and grow.

These videos are meant for ONLY INDIVIDUALS and not for organizations and companies. Use of any fraudulent means in such respect would result in severe violation of copyright along with attracting legal notices from the host website. These videos are exclusively meant for people who wish to learn and develop in electronics. It should not be used in any other manner or with intent to generate personal gains.

Renewal of subscription

Subscribers who are already registered with Electrodiction will have their accounts activated throughout. However, with the expiration of the subscription period the purchased videos would be removed from their respective account. If the user desires to view them again or view some freshly uploaded videos then repurchase has to be executed.

The time taken for affecting such transaction would be 10 minutes. Within such time period the subscriber will be able to view the purchased video through the account channel.


All Website content, including (without limitation) text, graphics, information architecture and coding, is copyright of, or licensed by, Electrodiction. Except where otherwise stated in relation to specific Website content or Electrodiction material available for purchase through this Website, you cannot download, display, print and reproduce this material for your commercial and personal use.

Electrodiction may enter into a separate agreement with you in relation to use of specific Website content (in which case that agreement will supersede this copyright statement and prevail to the extent of any inconsistency).

Apart from any other use as permitted under the Indian Copyright Act 1957 or granted in a separate agreement, all other rights are reserved.

If you wish to make any other use of our Website content, you must have our prior written permission. To ask for permission or for further information, please contact [email protected]

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